Friday, April 18, 2008

New Advertise ProgRam !!

There`s new Advertise program that can add to your blog now, you'll paid without waiting your visitor to click on your ads anymore
Now with Pay-Per-Play program we can earn more dollars
so lets take a quick steps
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Monday, March 31, 2008

Sign up for Google Adsense

Now you must wanted to earn money from you blog!
you can earn it from Adsense certainty!

Now sign up for Adsense!
  • Go to
  • Click SIGN UP now!
  • After that Fill up the Form !
    the form include the account that use for Adsense, your blog URL's, languages , Country, Address for post the check after $100 in your account
  • Then decide the account to access Adsense, because you have already had Blogspot, the question "Which best describes you?" can be answered by "I'd like to use my existing Google Account for Adsense". Then use the id and password you use for your blog.
  • Then there will appear information that google already send e-mail to you for verification.
  • Check your e-mail that register in Adsense & activate the account.

  • After signing up your Adsense you can add Advertisement in your blog
  • Go to your blogger and click "layout"
  • Choose page element and click "add to blog" in the adsense group
  • Then sign in to adsense through your blogger.
  • Now you can post the advertisement on your blog.

Designing Template

After you have create blog, you can add any accesories to make your blog more colorful and attract people to surf n your blog.
Now you can make more attractive template by using the third parties design (beside from the design of
You can search for the "free blog templates"
I have one site that provide nice template that's or you can go through the URL"S They have many design for your blog.
and that's for the new version blogger template.

  • After you go to the
  • Choose your templates (they have many categories for you)
  • After decide your templates, you'll see a text box with XML codes
  • copy all the codes
  • Go to your template's page then go to "Edit HTML"
  • Delete all the code there and Paste your new XML codes
  • Then click "SAVE TEMPLATE"
Then you'll see your new cool templates
(For the classic template you can get it from too.)

So make a cool template and attract people come to your blog.Enjoy it :)

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Easy Steps of Making Blog To Make Money

Nowadays blog become very popular in internet
you can write everything in your blog, you can write about your article, your experience ,and even your sad stories
AND of course! You can make money from your blog!
you can promote & advertise your product TOO!
You can earn till $500 a day from your blog

so that's why many people nowadays make blog.
And IT'S FREE!!!
So Create your blog now!!!

There's some easy steps for you to start creating your free blog:
  • Make your own e-mail
    (you can make g-mail for google user),others e-mail are available too.

  • Then go to, (I use and take this as example)

  • Sign up for account
    -Choose and click "Create Your Blog Now" and fill the form.

  • Decide your own URL (use the most easy word that people can remember)
    -Decide the blog title
    -fill your URL address (you can check the availability first)

  • Choose your own template
    (choose your own design and template)

  • After finish clicking "CONTINUE" your blog have been created.You can start using blog and post your biography and your article.

  • Begin Posting your blog,Write your article in the posting site and publish it.

  • Write and keep updating your blog to attract people to your blog

So that's the Steps to create your own blog.

And you can have the accessories in your blog.After you have posting your article,you can put your picture too.then in the LAYOUT you can manage the page
you can add page element there,you can put your favorite links, text, your profile and other.

You can also put Google adsense too,you can add a space for publish advertisement through Adsense.It pays you when somebody click the ads on your blog.
If your blog Traffic is high, the opportunity to gain money is bigger, so make a creative blog and keep updating it!
The more content you have the more people will go to your blog and you can earn more money there.

If you want to add Google Adsense to your blog.Just sign up to

I will provide the step of sign up google adsense later.

So you cann build your passive income here,let's start make your blog and gain dollar to your account!!